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Our Story

On a cold October in the lake district my new wife and I were enjoying our mini-moon, walking and exploring when the midday tummy rumbles told us it was time for lunch.  We aren’t locals so we looked to the search engines of the world wide web to find a pub.

We found a nice selection but the searches pushed us towards the top end brands and after about half an hour we still couldn’t find the pub we wanted with the right facilities.  Frustrated and hungry, we decided to take a drive and stop at the next pub we came across, hoping it would be sufficient.

To our delight we ended up at The Woolpack Inn, Hardknott Pass.  It turned out this beautiful pub was hiding only a mile away but its benefits were lost to us through the online search engines. It was perfect – there was a nice warm fire to warm us up, it served some fantastic food and not only were the staff very friendly, giving us advice on the local area, we could also take our damp dog in to dry next to the fire.

I was sat by the open fire when I had my lightbulb moment – PING! It would be so much easier to have a comprehensive UK pub directory with the ability to do filtered searches so we can search for a local pub that suits our requirements when we need one – instead of trawling through the web to find a pub nearby that allows dogs or has a log fire. 

So here we are! I spent a long time designing and building The Best Pub Guide so that it suits every pub lovers needs.  The website was soon followed by our handy app so we can be there to help you find your perfect pub at the perfect time. If you’re out and about and fancy a quick pint at a historical pub, or you’ve been walking your dog on a cold day and need a roast dinner next to an open fire – our extensive search filters are here to make it happen. The Best Pub Guide is here for you!

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